Omega Vertical HD Juicer 240V - VSJ843RSG

Omega Vertical HD Juicer 240V - VSJ843RSG

Omega Mega Mouth Slow Juicer MMV702SG

Silver Color / Cold Press Juicer / UL CE TuV Approved / Low Speed 60 RPMs / 240 Watt Motor 120 Volts 60 Hz / 9.6" W x 6.5 D" x 17.8" H / 25 pound shipping weight / 15.1 pound juicer weight / Made in Korea

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Typical of Omega, the MMV-702 MegaMouth gives a high-quality impression. Weighing in at 7 kilograms, it feels very solid and well-constructed. It seems larger than it really is, due to the height of 446mm. It is actually fairly compact, provided you have enough height on your countertop. The juicing screen, which is the part experiencing the most stress on a vertical, is reinforced and seems built to last. It's nice that Omega has included a blank cone at no extra cost - this allows you to make sorbets, purees, and nut milks and butters. Maybe we're spoiled, but the plastic pulp and juice containers did feel like a step down from the glass and stainless steel containers found on the Sana 707.


Omega promotes the MegaMouth vertical as one of the easiest juicers to use, and they are right. Because of the wide feeding tube and powerful motor, juicing took significantly less time than with other slow juicers. Prep time was minimized, as produce needn't be cut into small pieces. Note that the wide mouth does contain a plastic blade bisecting the inside of the feeding tube. In effect, this means that large fruit is cut while you are feeding it. This can be a bit awkward as you must put a lot of force on the pusher. However, the pusher twists in on a curved groove, which actually makes it easier to push. In terms of cleaning, we had the best results by putting clear water in the juicer after juicing and letting it run for about 30 seconds with the tap closed. The included cleaning tool cleaned most of the juicing screen, and just the small lower strip needed to be brushed with the included "toothbrush".


As mentioned before, the greatest strength of the Omega MMV-702 is its speed. We tested the MMV-702 with our standard recipe consisting of one kilo of carrots, one granny smith apple, 250 grams spinach, and a piece of ginger. It took about 30% less time than with other verticals. However the wide mouth wasn't wide enough to accomodate the apple - only small apples won't require cutting. We also noticed that spinach tended to accumulate around the top of the auger. Alternating the spinach with carrots - always a good idea in any juicer - helped with this. But if you are only juicing greens be prepared to poke in there with a carrot or cleaning brush to release those leaves. Also the wide opening can make it tempting to overfeed this juicer. Make sure to cut up fat carrots diagonally since all verticals will jam if entire bug carrots are forced in, although the 240 watt motor in the MMV jammed less than other verticals. Simply reversing the motor for 2-3 seconds cleared the jam. We found the best performance ad yield occured when we cut the produce into smaller pieces. Yield was excellent, just slightly below the 808/VSJ series. The same held true for the clarity of the juice. The juice from the MMV was a bit pulpier than from the 808/VSJ, but it was still quite good.


If you value speed and ease of use, the Omega MMV-702 is the best vertical for that. This is the fastest and easiest to use slow juicer we have tested. The strong motor has lots of torque to resist jamming as long as you don't overfeed it, and operates very quietly as well. The included blank cone is a nice extra, and is especially good for making nut milks. Overall we really like the MMV - Omega has another hit on its hands.

Accessories included:

Omega Juicer Motor Base
BPA Free Juicing Bowl
Smart Cap
Juicing Screw (Auger)
Rotation Wiper
Juicing Screen with Small Holes
Sorbet Blank Attachment
Lid with 3" Wide Feed Chute
Funnel Attachment
Food Pusher
BPA Free Tritan juice cup
BPA Free Tritan pulp container
Over-sized cleaning brush
Spout Cleaning Brush
Special Screen Cleaning Tool
Instruction manual
Recipe Book (Full Color) 75+ Pages


Silver Color
Cold Press Juicer
UL CE TuV Approved
Low Speed 60 RPMs
240 Watt Motor 120 Volts 60 Hz
9.6" W x 6.5 D" x 17.8" H
25 pound shipping weight
15.1 pound juicer weight
Made in Korea

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